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Excited boy reading Busy Izzy's first bookEducational entertainment is rising to a whole new level with the launch of the Busy Izzy series in Australia. This exciting children’s ‘edutainment’ series encourages friendliness, co-operation, generosity and a healthy lifestyle through the main character, Busy Izzy.

Busy Izzy and Friends created and written by renowned celebrity vocal coach Roxanne Kiely and illustrated by Jeesoo Kim, is the first storybook in a 10 part series about the adventures of Busy Izzy, a 12 year old girl and her diverse group of friends. The intelligent and creative world of Busy Izzy not only contains imaginative stories, featuring playful rhythms and rhymes, but also incorporates healthy recipes, catchy sing-a-long songs and music videos for children to dance along to. This unique book and audio CD contains five energetic songs, co-written by Roxanne and Stephen Kiely, for children aged two to eight years old. The music videos include an energetic exercise song called “Busy Izzy Says” and a jazzy upbeat educational alphabet video “My 26 BFF’s”. The multi-media entertainment series is endorsed by the World Literacy Foundation and is praised by Bec Hewitt and her family.

“After reading the manuscript of Busy Izzy and Friends and the précis for the 10 book series last year, I felt excited and motivated to endorse it,” says Andrew Kay, CEO of the World Literacy Foundation. “The old-fashioned qualities of looking out for your neighbour and being active in your community really appealed. I recommend this book to anyone who wants their child to improve their understanding of words, especially given the delightful incorporation of rhythm and rhyme into the storylines,” says Andrew.

Andrew Kay, CEO of the World Literacy FoundationWith stories which engage the hearts and minds of young readers, the Busy Izzy series focuses on confidence, responsibility, inclusion, honesty and empathy. For learning, it incorporates rhyming, alliteration, counting and singing.

While the first book is mainly about Busy Izzy, the following books in the series feature each of the other characters, and use the various storylines as a vehicle to address a variety of conditions and circumstances which many children can relate to. Without directly identifying any particular syndrome, conditions such as ADHD, bullying, anxiety, co-operation, self-discipline, gender politics and even the fear of odd numbers (disparnumerophobia) are addressed in a positive and supportive manner. The series is upbeat, happy and considerate while building and reinforcing the expectation that positive attitudes will achieve great results.

“We are so excited to launch the Busy Izzy series,” says Roxanne Kiely, author and co-songwriter of Busy Izzy and Friends. “Izzy is the modern equivalent of Mary Poppins. Her generosity and old fashioned values, combined with her ability to overcome obstacles and her passion to inspire are her endearing qualities. As a mother and music teacher for children of all ages, I have seen how important these values are and have demonstrated them through Izzy. She helps her friends overcome the challenges that children face in their everyday lives and I’m sure we’ve already seen her change the way children learn and interact with others.”

The second book in the series – Busy Izzy and Newly Truly – The Big Surprise! launched in May 2016. This heart-warming book explores the adventures of Busy Izzy and her newly-adopted puppy, “Newly Truly”. It reinforces, teaches the values and importance of empathy. The book also incorporates energetic and interactive songs for children to sing along to as well as recipes and even healthy puppy snacks. The recipes are a continuation of the ones in Busy Izzy and Friends.

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