Busy Izzy and Friends School Shows

An exciting and educational experience:

  1. Busy Izzy and Friends meet the Three Little Pigs - The Musical

    (A Fractured Fairy Tale)
  2. The Busy Izzy and Friends Show (Saving Their Local Animal Shelter)
  3. Busy Izzy and Friends Christmas Party

All three shows feature:

  • A fun-filled educational 45-minute multi-character musical performance
  • Meet and greet the characters after the show
  • A complete picture book series for your library
  • A colouring-in page per child

(Optional) Post-show workshop with Busy Izzy and Friends' creators and songwriters, Roxanne Kiely and Stephen Kiely:                                                 

Roxanne Kiely: Author - award-winning songwriter / producer and performer has successfully used her creative talents in a variety of fields. Having toured with Warner Bros pantomimes in the 90’s, creator, author, and co-songwriter for the Busy Izzy and Friends series, Roxanne also focuses on nurturing emerging Australian talent which is evidenced through the success of the stellar list of her students including Delta Goodrem, Ella Hooper (Killing Heidi) and Sarah Blasko to name a few.

Fulfilling the position of Head Vocal Coach at Mushroom Music and Telstra Road to Discovery initiative for seven years and at the Senior and Junior Music Academy in Tamworth for six years, as well as working at Artist Vocal Development at SONY Music Australia. Roxanne began writing songs and stories and singing on stage from age seven, she is passionate about all her activities with a special place in her heart for children, which is why she created the Busy Izzy and Friends series.

Stephen Kiely: Multi-instrumentalist, award-winning songwriter / producer and performer, website designer, multi-media and digital creative director and co-songwriter for the Busy Izzy and Friends series. Signed to EMI Publishing, Stephen was the sole songwriter for hit 80’s band, RadioActive. He has written and produced film soundtracks, advertising jingles and songs covering genres as diverse as rock and country through to swing and jazz.

Stephen, together with Roxanne Kiely, has taken part in over 15,000 stage shows and performances, nationally and internationally, working on stage with many of Australia’s top-ranked performers. In the ever-expanding studios at Busy Izzy and Friends Music, Stephen has written, performed and produced songs for many of Australia’s rising stars, while creating the complete recordings of the Busy Izzy and Friends project, co-written and produced with Roxanne Kiely. 

  • Story creation and development
  • The songwriting process
  • Book signing
  • Q & A

Syllabus Outcomes Addressed:


ES1 (Early Stage 1 - Kindergarten)

  • PDe-2 identifies people and demonstrates protective strategies that help keep themselves healthy, resilient and safe.
  • PDe-3 - communicates ways to be caring, inclusive and respectful of others

S1 (Stage 1 - Year 1 and Year 2)

  • PD1-2 recognises and describes strategies people can use to feel comfortable, resilient and safe in situations.
  • PD1-3 recognises and describes the qualities that enhance inclusive and respectful relationships.

S2 (Stage 2 - Year 3 and Year 4)

  • PD2-1 explores strategies to manage physical, social and emotional change
  • PD2-2 explains and uses strategies to develop resilience and to make them feel comfortable and safe.
  • PD2-3 explains how empathy, inclusion and respect can positively influence relationships.


S1 (Stage 1 - Year 1 and Year 2)

Fractured Fairytales

  • EN1-CWT-01 plans, creates and revises texts written for different purposes, including paragraphs, using knowledge of vocabulary, text features and sentence structure.

Maximum number of students: unlimited
Minimum number of students: 250
$9.75 per student

Number of students: 150 - 250
$14.75 per student

Songs from the Busy Izzy and Friends catalogue are on high rotation on ABC KIDS Listen.

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Busy Izzy and Friends meet the Three Little Pigs - The Musical

More than a musical, the show promotes friendship, personal safety, well-being and resilience. The story and award-winning songs feature healthy lifestyle habits and positive social skills with a strong focus on 'stranger danger' awareness.
Jam packed in a fun-filled musical...and there’s a moral too.

Join Busy Izzy, Newly Truly and all their friends, including Popcorn Pig, Pinetree Pig and Practical Pig, as they deal with their foe from long ago, the villainous Mr. WP Wolf.

“The story telling, the choreography, the dancing, the costumes, the dialogue, and the award-winning original songs are world class.”  - Al Crew -Thrive50Plus

Below - To save her friends, Busy Izzy confronts Mr WP Wolf. Busy Izzy confronts Mr WP Wolf

Little Popcorn Pig went out to play, then came face to face with Mr WP Wolf. Mr WP Wolf and Little Popcorn Pig.

Praise for Busy Izzy and Friends live shows:

“Thank you for the wonderful show.  We loved it! It was highly engaging and interactive with many meaningful messages.” - Nazan Polat – Principal Amity College. 

“The performers were brilliant – professional, strong characters, great voices, and storytellers. Inspiring on many levels – it is great to see some new Australian talent out there that has performances telling stories that cross cultures and hopefully nations to bring us all together in a positive and thoughtful way protecting our kids and their future.”  Teri Hobbs – Mum of 3.

Click to see the Busy Izzy and Friends Show promo.

Bring your dancing feet and your singing voices! 

Busy Izzy and Live Show promo poster


Bossy Bobby, Talkative Tess, Busy Izzy and Secret-agent Skye perform in the 20121 show

Bobby, Skye, Izzy, Tess and Steven, welcoming you to the Busy Izzy and Friends SHOW!

The Cast - Busy Izzy and Friends

The Busy Izzy and Friends DANCE PARTY!

Join Busy Izzy, Newly Truly, Tess, Bobby, Steven, Skye and Warren as they save their local animal shelter. 

Bring your dancing feet and your singing voices! 

Everybody can dance and sing along to every Busy Izzy and Friends song!

The Busy Izzy Show performers edutaining kids at a Sydney school.

Bossy Bobby has been given
something to think about.
"Let's be friendly Bobby.
Friends are all around."

Talkative Tess just loves
to talk at her talkative best.
"I love, love, love school.
Do you love school too?" - Tess

Bossy Bobby has been given something to think about. Talkative Tess just loves to talk at her talkative best.

 We can't wait to see you at...

The Busy Izzy and Friends show flyer front

Much-loved story books come alive from page to stage.
Everyone will laugh and dance and sing-a-long with this action-packed show. Come and join in the fun and help Busy Izzy and her friends save their local animal shelter.

The Busy Izzy and Friends show flyer inside back

Join in the fun-filled adventure of saving the animal shelter.

“We have been studying the Busy Izzy and Friends books within our literature unit. The stories are full of phonological fun, clever word play and are rich in rhythm and rhyme.

Our students were provided with the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of Busy Izzy through multi-modal means such as an interactive website, drawings, songs and videos. Not only did it do so well in complementing our English learning outcomes, it integrated really well with other key learning areas such as the creative arts, PDHPE content, interpersonal relationship skills and communication.”

- Nazile Keskin, B.Ed M.Ed Head Teacher, Amity College, Prestons, NSW.

The Busy Izzy and Friends Show centres around the adventures of Izzy and her friends, Secret-agent Skye, Sensible Steven, Talkative Tess, Bossy Bobby and Worried Warren and Izzy’s adopted puppy, Newly Truly. It is designed as an energetic, musical and fun-filled experience, which explores issues of inclusivity, environmentalism, personal health and well-being, friendship and healthy food.

  • The show features up-beat songs, a number of which have won awards, interactive dancing and singing.
  • For 3-9 year-olds. (Grownups too!)

    Reach for the stars with Busy Izzy and Friends

     Reach for your best with Busy Izzy and Friends

    The kids are captivated by Busy Izzy and her friends.

    Busy Izzy and Friends Christmas Party - Live on stage

    In this magical Christmas tale, Busy Izzy and her friends travel to the North Pole to meet Santa and adopt a puppy from the International Animal Shelter, only to find out that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has gone missing.
    This energetic production features lots of singing, dancing FUN! The kids and grown-ups will certainly enjoy getting involved in the show’s storyline.
    This Christmas show promotes friendship, personal safety, well-being, and resilience.  
    Busy Izzy and her friends, Bossy Bobby, Sensible Steven, Secret agent Skye and Izzy’s rescue pup, Newly Truly, will all be there as part of the adventure, working together to help Santa find Rudolph before Christmas. Will they find Rudolph?  

    Busy Izzy and Friends
    An independent Australian production.

    Busy Izzy and Friends is created by Roxanne Kiely and Stephen Kiely.