Bossy Bobby

Bossy Bobby

Not every friend likes to “get along” with the others.

There’s one who thinks he always knows best.

“Bossy” Bobby will tell you, he’s sure,

that he knows more than all the rest.

And that would be fine, except that Bossy Bobby,

he pushes and he shoves

And won’t listen to someone else’s idea.

“Listen to me and I’ll tell you

exactly what you need to hear.” says Bobby.

Bobby would only play the games that he wanted to play.

He refused to share and was a little unfair and not in a well mannered way

Will Bobby share and be a kind and helpful friend?

At this young age, you’d hope he can.

And Busy Izzy does her best to find ways to help,

but Bossy Bobby can be difficult at times.


 Bossy Bobby

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