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Roxanne Kiely - Author – musician - singer/songwriter – vocal coach

Busy Izzy's author - Roxanne Kiely
In 2012, Roxanne created “Busy Izzy and Friends”, featuring a 12 year old girl, her eight friends and a little puppy called Newly Truly. The stories use rhythm and rhyme and book one includes a CD of exciting children’s songs, written by Roxanne and Stephen Kiely.

Prodigiously creative, Roxanne has used her talent in a variety of fields, including songwriting, children’s stories and web blogging. An award winning songwriter, she has released two albums of original music, has had songs featured on international television programs and recently had songs promoted on a popular ABC compilation.

Born and raised in a musical family, and writing songs, stories and poetry from the age of seven, Roxanne has made, and continues to make a marked contribution to the music industry, as co-director of ScoopFX Music and President of not-for-profit songwriting organisation, Songsalive! Australia, as well as “Singing Teacher to the Stars of Today" - Roxanne’s stellar list of students include Delta Goodrem, whom she taught from age eight until twenty two, award-winning artistes Lupa J, Hayley Warner and Marlisa Punzalan, (Winner X Factor 2014), to name just a few.

As passionate as Roxanne is about all her activities, there is a special place in her heart for children and children’s stories, which is why she has created the Busy Izzy and Friends series.

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 Jeesoo Kim - Busy Izzy and friends' illustrator

Jeesoo Kim - Busy Izzy and friends' illustrator


Having graduated from Myongji University, Jeesoo Kim is currently studying Animation Art & interactive design at RMIT University, in Melbourne, Victoria.

Her creative illustrations complement Roxanne's stories, bringing the characters and their adventures to life in pictures.

Stephen Kiely - Songwriter- producer - musician

Stephen Kiely - Songwriter- producer - musician


Stephen is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and performer, who writes and produces film soundtracks, advertising jingles and songs covering genres as diverse as rock and country, through to swing and jazz.    As co-director in the ever-expanding studios at ScoopFX Music, Stephen has written, performed and produced songs for many of Australia’s rising stars, while creating the complete recordings of the Busy Izzy project, co-written and produced with Roxanne Kiely.