Busy Izzy's Friends

Busy Izzy and Friends - Sometimes a friend is all you need to be


Newly Truly icon NEWLY TRULY

Newly Truly is the cheeky little stray
Izzy adopted from the S.P.C.A.
About Newly Truly...

Evan Evan icon EVEN EVAN
Something's odd", said Even Evan

About Evan...

Talkative Tess icon TALKATIVE TESS
Talks so much she never gives her mouth a rest."

About Tess...

Sensible Steven icon SENSIBLE STEVEN
Sensible Steven is always prepared for any eventuality.

About Steven...

You won’t often see Modern Mo Li without her guitar.

About Mo Li...

Mathematic Max icon MATHEMATIC MAX
Mathematic Max is a genius with a calculator.

About Max...

Secret-Agent Skye icon SECRET-AGENT SKYE
Secret-agent Skye, the volunteer gadgeteer!

About Skye...

Bossy Bobby icon BOSSY BOBBY
Bossy Bobby will tell you, he’s sure,
that he knows more than all the rest.

About Bobby...

Worried Warren icon WORRIED WARREN
Warren worries about everything.
About Warren...


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