July 11, 2016

Busy Izzy and Friends named BOOK OF THE WEEK by Kidtown Melbourne

Here is the review which accompanies "Busy Izzy and Friends" as Book Of The Week, selected by Kidtown Melbourne:

Busy Izzy and Friends - Book One in the series "Izzy is the main protagonist in a series of 10 books entitled Busy Izzy.

In these books you will also meet Izzy's friends: Talkative Tess, Mathematic Max, Even Evan, Worried Warren, Secret-agent Skye, Sensitive Steven, Bossy Bobby and her puppy - Newly Truly.

Each character displays a diverse range of characteristics and culture.

'Educational and fun' are the selling points of "Busy Izzy and Friends", and this is exactly what it delivers.

Told in a rhyming verse, kids will love the excitement and adventure the characters experience; whilst also informing them on a range of topics, from healthy eating to road safety.

The pages are filled with colourful illustrations that really pop against the white background, drawing in children's attention.

The last few pages include catchy songs like, 'The Sing-A-Long Song' and 'My 26 BFF's' which is about the alphabet.

Also included are healthy recipes mentioned throughout the story - like sweet potato and pumpkin slices.

Author, Roxanne Kiely, has a background in song writing and vocal teaching. This is clearly evident by all of the songs included in the accompanying CD.

Busy Izzy is a fantastic interactive and educational book that children aged 3 - 8 will love." -  Jacq_

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