Play GAMES with Busy Izzy and friends!

It's fun to take a break from all that work and play some games, isn't it?

Games provide enjoyment and entertainment, but they also include another very important ingredient: Education.

Here at Nix & Nax, we love to play edutainment games.

What is EDUTAINMENT...? Edutainment is learning, wrapped in FUN!

Have you heard MY 26 BFFS ? It's one of the songs on the CD that's included with Book 1, Busy Izzy and Friends. It's also a great video on the Busy Izzy YouTube channel

MY 26 BFFS is all about how the letters of the alphabet, from A to Z, can become your Best Friends Forever (BFF). It's fun to sing and dance along with the video of all the kids dancing to it. And that's edutainment.

Busy Izzy and her friends really enjoy edutainment for children, because the growing mind is a curious mind, full of a desire to learn. There are lots of scenes full of edutainment for kids in books one and two.

 Now, you can play some fun, old-fashioned games like Colouring in the Pictures, or Spot the Difference. These edutainment games for kids have been around since before the Internet, and are still enjoyed by children worldwide.

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