Newly Truly

Newly Truly

Newly Truly is the cheeky little stray Busy Izzy adopted from the S.P.C.A.


An excerpt from Book 2 in the series: Busy Izzy and Newly Truly - The BIG Surprise!

"Newly Truly had been with Busy Izzy for a week, and one day she heard an unusual screek. A shriek, then a squeak.  A mumble, then a grumble.  These noises Izzy hadn't heard before.  She took a peek behind the storeroom door."...

 I wonder what the BIG surprise could be?


Here is Newly Truly's song:



Reading Your Puppy's Signals

A pet is not just a pet but your best friend too.
If you love your pet they will also love you.
Puppies communicate so we understand,
with a wagging tail or a lick on the hand.
A special look when they’re sad or afraid.
They’ll whimper and bark if their meal is delayed.
They have a natural understanding;
if you’re sad they can tell.
They’ll know something’s wrong
by their keen sense of smell.
They make sounds when they’re happy
and roll ‘round the floor.
When you show them affection,
they’ll come back for more.
A scratch at the door means to go out and play.
This is how they talk in their own special way.
© 2020 - Poem by Roxanne Kiely


Newly Truly

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