Amity College

Busy Izzy visited Amity College, with Roxanne and Stephen.


Busy_Izzy_drawn_by Amity_College_students

Here is a picture of Busy Izzy, drawn by the students at Amity College.

Then they wrote down all the things they could remember about Izzy, after reading the stories.

Can you remember what she's like?

Roxanne Kiely with a student from Amity College Amity College students watching the Busy Izzy show

Students at Amity College watching Busy Izzy and Newly Truly - The Big Surprise! on the College's large screenAmity College student who loves Busy Izzy stories 

Roxanne Kiely signing with students from Amity College

Stephen Kiely and Roxanne Kiely signing books for students at Amity CollegeAn Amity College students poses with Roxanne Kiely and Stephen Kiely


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