Get Busy with Izzy

Get Busy with Izzy

Izzy LOVES to be busy and she is always looking for things to do.  Spending time with her friends is what she loves to do best. Let's see how busy Izzy can get. Busy with Izzy 

Busy Izzy is a friendly 12 year old girl who lives in Green Grass Grove with her puppy, Newly Truly, and all of her friends live nearby. Izzy also...

  • owns a store called "Nix & Nax", where her friends love to visit.
  • has an organic veggie and herb garden and a song about it too.
  • has a compost bin where her friend 'Wormee and his friends live.
  • keeps honey-bees and looks after them well.
  • enjoys making healthy snaxalicious snacks.
  • plays chess on her computer, sometimes with other chess players online.
  • is friendly, helpful and very trendy.
  • shares her tips on staying safe.
  • adopted a little stray puppy from her local animal shelter.
  • can fix a flat tire on a bicycle.
  • can build a swing.
  • can fix a birds broken wing.
  • is always happy to help her friends.
  • has 'free' pre-loved books at the front of her store.
  • loves to write songs with her friend Mo Li. Listen to them here.
  • makes good choices, she's the girl who always knew exactly what to do.
  • loves to host a birthday parties.  She has a special birthday song too. 

Busy Izzy hopes that you love to learn new things, because there are so many things to learn and know about.

Videos too for kids and grownups

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