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Here's our best deal on the books currently available in the series.

Buy all three books for A$29.99 +GST plus postage. At a per-item rate of $14.99 +GST, this means that you pay for two books and receive the third one free.

The Busy Izzy series features children's story books written by Roxanne Kiely and illustrated by Jeesoo Kim. The series follows the adventures of Busy Izzy, a vivacious and capable girl, her energetic and inquisitive friends, and her adopted puppy, Newly Truly.

The series also features award-winning songs, healthy recipes and videos.

This special Busy Izzy gift package includes:

Book One - Busy Izzy and Friends:

Busy Izzy and friends is a great new story book about a 12 year old girl and her friends. It has 32 illustrated pages, with rhythm and rhyme. This exciting book and CD is for 3-8 year old children who love music, fun and challenging adventures with friends.

Izzy is a role model for all children her age and younger. Her generosity and old fashioned values, combined with her ability to overcome obstacles, and her passion and talent to inspire, are her endearing qualities.

Audio CD contains five energetic and catchy award-winning songs which children of all ages will love to sing along with.

Book Two - Busy Izzy and Newly Truly - The Big Surprise!
Busy Izzy loves all animals but has never had a pet of her own.  She visits the Animal Shelter and meets a cheeky little stray, who is looking for a home.  It's a heart warming story which will engage the hearts of children everywhere.

Book Three - Busy Izzy and Talkative Tess
In this entertaining and engaging story, Busy Izzy's friend Tess  gets herself and her friends into a spot of bother. Well, quite a few spots actually. her vivacious and talkative nature can sometimes cause problems and there are definitely a few ups and downs in this story. Don't worry though, Busy Izzy makes sure that things turn out well for Tess and her friends.

This volume also contains nine healthy, natural new recipes for savoury and sweet meals you make can easily make at home. Included also is music and lyrics to three new songs, the lovely ballad, "Sometimes A Friend", a song fro Tess, titled "Talkative Tess" (surprise!) and"I Love Busy Izzy". All the songs can be listened to on our Songs For Children page.



“Packed with lots of educational messages ” - Practical Parenting

“Busy Izzy is easy to read for both girls and boys.” - Aussie Mum Network

"When I asked my son what he liked best, he said “Everything!!!” - Babyology

“The CD’s great with lots of catchy sing-a-long songs!” - Motherpedia