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For our friends of all ages, full of fun and entertainment, plus another important ingredient: learning.

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The best educational videos are the ones that are fun to watch and interact with, and the best educational videos online for children are the ones that teach children as well as entertain them.

Where better to start than learning the alphabet: A B C...

Lots of Busy Izzy's friends tell her that this is their favourite educational video for children to watch. Using big, big letters, the children dance and sing about their twenty six BFFs, their "best friends forever", which are, of course, the 26 letters of the alphabet!

And, the song which the kids are singing, was written by Busy Izzy author, Roxanne Kiely, and her husband, Stephen Kiely, because they want children to know and enjoy their letters, words, sentences and all the fun things that can happen when children become best friends forever with the alphabet.


Here are the lyrics:

My 26 BFF’s

My 26 BFF’s, are the letters of the alphabet

Letter by letter, getting alphabetter. My 26 BFF’s




W-X-Y-Z, my 26 BFF’s

The sound of my BFF’s, I found with my BFF’s

Big words, small words absolutely all words 26 BFF’s

I can read with my BFF’s, I can write with my BFF’s

Reading and writing can be so exciting my 26 BFF’s

My 26 BFF’s, are the letters of the alphabet

Letter by letter, getting alphabetter. My 26 BFF’s




W-X-Y-Z, my 26 BFF’s

Say names with my BFF’s, Play games with my BFF’s

We can read, yes indeed with 26 BFF’s

Have fun with my BFF’s, with each one of my BFF’s

We’re so clever putting them together 26 BFF’s

My 26 BFF’s, are the letters of the alphabet

Letter by letter, getting alphabetter.

Best friends forever, when we get together.

My 26 BFFs

©2015 Music and Lyrics (Kiely/Kiely)


Clapping, jumping, stomping and running..

Busy Izzy Says

Are you ready to dance? Sometimes the best edutainment is the type that makes you want to move!

Remember, Education + Entertainment = Edutainment !

Look for more fun, educational and entertaining videos for kids and children of all ages, coming soon to

What do teachers think of Busy Izzy?

We're glad you asked, because we have a video, sent to us by Leonie Wood, a Primary School teacher in New South Wales, Australia.

In this video, Leonie explains exactly why her students love to hear the Busy Izzy stories, and what they look forward to when they're about to be read.

"Hi, I'm Leonie, and I'm a Primary school teacher.

As a Primary school teacher I'm always looking for books with interesting story lines. I really like the story lines in the 'Busy Izzy and Friends' books.

Children can connect with the content, and they address real-world issues.They want to relate to characters in books they are reading, and Busy Izzy books have been written with a variety of characters that have different personalities, that each child can relate to. I'm always looking for books that contain quality literature, that can extend children's knowledge of words. Busy Izzy books provide children opportunities to extend their vocabulary knowledge.

Rhyme has also been cleverly used to tell the story in Busy Izzy and Friends and Busy Izzy and Newly Truly - The Big Surprise!, which also provides examples of how to use rhyme in written literature.
The Busy Izzy and Friends books provide children with a variety of genres, which are great examples that can be used when teaching children about different writing styles.

There are examples of procedures in the healthy recipes that have been included, along with factual information about the content of the stories. Having different written genres allow children to learn about different features of genres that have been included.

I also like the footnotes that have been included.
This exposes children to additional information about the story, and also exposes them to the usage of footnotes.

When I read the Busy Izzy and Friends stories to my class, they all had a different character that they liked, and they enjoyed the stories and particularly liked the bright illustrations.
They also love singing along to all the songs.

Busy Izzy stories in my class, are stories that are asked to be read over and over again."

Busy Izzy and Friends love the World Literacy Foundation

Busy Izzy books are so packed full of good ideas and supportive and inclusive entertainment and educational ideas...dare we say, "clever and entertaining ideas", that the World Literacy Foundation has endorsed all the Busy Izzy books.

Watch out for upcoming educational videos for children to watch as Busy Izzy and her friends release more online entertainment via videos, audio-books, educational songs, live shows and all 'round fun stuff!