Busy Izzy's Blog

The Creator and author of the Busy Izzy and Friends series, Roxanne Kiely, shares her thought and ideas.

It is great to create and we have been feeling very creative lately.  Producing video clips for the series and writing more songs for the Busy Izzy and Friends stage show.

I love working with Stephen Kiely (co-writer of the Busy Izzy and Friends song catalogue) We bounce off of each other really well while incorporating lyrical and musical ideas.  Playing around with clever internal rhymes and interchanging melodies is always lots of fun.  When work becomes play...it is a lot of fun!

Stephen and I share eclectic musical tastes, this is why our songs include many styles and genres. Stephen plays all the instruments...including drums...He is very clever indeed.

We will be uploading a new video clip...A 'sort of COVID close-down song' - called

"When We're Indoors"

Don't forget to check it out!