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On this page you'll find what parents and children, academics and media think about the books, songs, videos, recipes and more from the Busy Izzy media series.

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Busy Izzy and Friends named BOOK OF THE WEEK by Kidtown Melbourne

Here is the review which accompanies "Busy Izzy and Friends" as Book Of The Week, selected by Kidtown Melbourne:

Busy Izzy and Friends - Book one in the series "Izzy is the main protagonist in a series of 10 books entitled Busy Izzy and Friends.

In these books you will also meet Izzy's friends: Talkative Tess, Mathematic Max, Even Evan, Modern Mo Li, Worried Warren, Secret agent Skye, Sensible Steven, Bossy Bobby and Izzy's puppy - Newly Truly.

Each character displays a diverse range of characteristics and culture.

'Educational and fun' are the selling points, and this is exactly what it delivers.

Told in a rhyming verse, kids will love the excitement and adventure the characters experience; whilst also informing them on a range of topics, from healthy eating to road safety.

The pages are filled with colourful illustrations that really pop against the white background, drawing in children's attention.

The last few pages include catchy songs like, 'The Sing-A-Long Song' and 'My 26 BFF's' which is about the alphabet.

Also included are healthy recipes mentioned throughout the story - like sweet potato and pumpkin slices.

Author, Roxanne Kiely, has a background in song writing and vocal teaching. This is clearly evident by all of the songs included in the accompanying CD.

Busy Izzy is a fantastic interactive and educational book that children aged 3 - 8 will love." -  Jacq_

“I recommend this book to anyone who wants their child to improve their understanding of words especially given the delightful incorporation of rhythm and rhyme into the story lines”.

- Andrew Kay,
CEO World Literacy Foundation


"Busy Izzy! What a fun and exciting character!...

Busy Izzy is so energetic, vivacious, friendly, and of course…busy! Oh, did I mention super cute too! Absolutely perfect for all kids seeking stories filled with adventure. So nice to have an Australian author creating a book that is perfect for both boys and girls and is so addictive. After hearing the first book my kids were wanting to hear more!

I also love the books about Busy Izzy's friends such as Talkative Tess, a character both of my girls can relate too, and can't wait to see what other interesting friends we may meet along the way. I absolutely love Busy Izzy books and look forward to following her and her next exciting adventure.

A perfect book for both boys and girls seeking stories filled with adventure, and is addictive. After hearing the first book, my kids wanted to hear more! What a fun and exciting character! Energetic, vivacious, friendly, and of course…busy! Oh, did I mention super cute too!"

- - Bec Hewitt (Mum of 3 kids)

 "I LOVE the Busy Izzy books! They are such fun stories to listen to. Busy Izzy is sooo likable! In fact, I think Busy Izzy and I could be friends.

I'll be waiting for each new Busy Izzy book to hit the shelves!"

- Mia Hewitt, 9 years old

 (Mia has been fortunate enough to have heard a couple of the upcoming stories in the Busy Izzy series.)





"Dear Roxanne,
Thank you so much for visiting our preschool last week and sharing your stories and songs about "Busy Izzy" and her friends with the children. As a teacher, I particularly like that each story shares a message with the children - such as the value of listening in "Talkative Tess".
At our preschool we have a high ratio of children who speak English as a second language. It was great to see their attention was held as you told your stories, perhaps aided by the rhythmic and rhyming nature of them, even with no visuals for the children to look at. It would be interesting to see their reaction to your stories with pictures to enhance them and aid in following the storyline.
Your songs were also received well by the children. Particularly the one with repetition and many animal sounds familiar to the children. They were singing this song in the bathroom later!
Thanks again. I look forward to hearing more stories soon,
Kind regards"
Loretta Gardner

(Early Childhood Teacher - North Rocks Preschool)



High praise for Busy Izzy!

This capable, clever and confident character captivates and engages early readers with her “can do” attitude. Whether building a tree swing or rescuing a cat, Busy Izzy is the go-to girl who always gets the job done.

This community minded character displays care for all from her wondrous shop "Nix & Nax"; a warm, cosy environment where all are welcome and are made to feel like they belong. Readers can’t wait to revisit “Nix & Nax” in each new book to discover Izzy and her friends’ next exciting adventure

With gorgeous illustrations to prompt emerging readers, pages turn very quickly as children become lost in the rhythm and rhyme that sweeps these tales along. They provide excellent stimulation for children to read along and especially to read aloud.

Busy Izzy with her adventurous spirit is sure to encourage your little ones to get reading. After all, there isn’t anything that Busy Izzy cannot do.

Jodie Dunk, K-6 Teacher



From the moment I read this book and listened to the content I loved it. It engages children of all ages immediately. It’s bright, vibrant, innovative characters are instantly popular and interesting with readers. The use of rhythm and rhyme of the text is terrific and can be used as an example for students to use in their own writing.

This is an excellent resource for teachers as it incorporates many areas of literacy and integrated other Key Learning Areas such as music. Teachers will be able to use this to

What an awesome resource that incorporates so much! Invaluable!

- Sandra Santoro – BA Ed BA Teach – Teacher K-6/Assistant Principal





"I love that the book is easy to read and follow...

My children were able to sing along with the songs almost instantly. They were engaged and still talking and singing about Busy Izzy after reading it and listening to 26 BFFs. They are looking forward to more Busy Izzy adventures.

- Sandra Santoro - (Mum of 3)




I love Busy Izzy because it so much fun listening and dancing to the sing-a-long-song and the 26 BFFs. I also liked the names of the characters and the rhythm and rhyme of the lyrics and music.

- Brooklyn, 9 years old


I really like the Nix and Nax shop and the cake recipe. I enjoyed the sign language in 26 BFFs.

  - Taylor, 6 years old

I love that Busy Izzy get busier!! I really like the alphabet song. I could sing along.

  - Jaime, 4 years old




Jo Bird (MPhil  ACU), a leading Australian researcher in the field of how child behaviour is affected by the proliferation of technology and will soon complete her PhD on the subject. She agrees children have never been more exposed to images and language that are not necessarily positive and this is creating some challenges for parents and educators. She believes it is important for children to experience a mix of media and books are a critical element of this. Further, books which promote values of inclusiveness and collaboration such as the Busy Izzy and Friends series are especially important.

"The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) continues to be concerned by evidence about the potential harmful effects of media messages and images.

A recent study conducted by the AAP showed 8 to 10-year-olds in the USA spend nearly 8 hours a day with a variety of different media, and 71% have a TV in their bedroom. It said young people now spend more time with media each day than they do in school.

The Academy recommended parents discourage screen media exposure completely for children under two years of age, keep TV sets and internet-connected electronic devices out of children’s bedrooms and closely monitor what media their children are using. It said parents and caregivers should establish a non negotiable family home use plan for all media which should include a mealtime and bedtime “curfew” of all media."

  - Jo Bird (MPhil ACU)


"Beautifully illustrated, ‘Busy Izzy and Friends’ is book one in a series of children’s books that promotes a caring, fun-filled and busy lifestyle for kids. It is full of fun recipes, sensible advice about safety, and exciting adventures about Busy Izzy and her friends to follow. There are songs to sing, recipes to try out, and fun facts to learn.
Busy Izzy provides a great role model for children to follow by promoting an active lifestyle that is filled with cooperation and caring.“

- Sandra Graudins, Clinical Psychologist



Interesting Busy Izzy and Friends Books 

When you are buying any product like Busy Izzy books, either online or at a physical store, you want to be sure that it is good; and luckily, the Internet provides you the opportunity to research and look for Busy Izzy Media Reviews. When you read these reviews you will notice that not a single one of them is negative. Everyone who buys our books for their children, have only good things to say about our books. This is because everything we publish is of very high quality –in terms of the content, the graphics as well as the printing. In addition to the actual books you also get a CD that has songs which your kids can sing along to. 

Unlimited Fun and educational, too! 

This makes the entire exercise very interesting for your kids. When you buy our books for your kids, you will find that it helps generate an overall interest in reading for them. All the Busy Izzy books are about the 12-year old busy girl of that name and there are a number of her friends who are equally busy and adventurous too.  While it’s common for people to wonder whether the reviews they read online are genuine, you will find only genuine reviews on our site, written by enthusiastic parents who have bought our books for their kids. 

Many of them have also become repeat customers and they find that their children just want more and more of these books to read. The Busy Izzy media reviews also say the same thing. In addition to books, there are downloadable pictures of Busy Izzy, on our website; you can download these on your home PC  or laptop and your children can have hours of fun  colouring these pictures.  But that’s not where the fun stops. In addition to books, we also have video clips, games and downloadable pictures that your kids can colour. This is a definite attraction point for your kids. 

You will also find many Busy Izzy videos and games and very soon, you will notice that your child is learning better and has developed a genuine interest in reading too. When you read any of the Busy Izzy media reviews, you will realise that our books are genuinely high grade books that provide your child with quality reading. We are committed to bringing to market books that will add value to your child’s life and that is what every Busy Izzy book and CD does.  

For the love for reading 

Busy Izzy books are a very interesting read and the Busy Izzy Sing along CD is the added attraction quotient. When you are looking for well-written kids books online, Busy Izzy & her friends books should top your list and we assure you that you won’t regret it.  While some of our customers prefer to read Busy Izzy media reviews and shop for these books online, others just prefer to go to physical stores. 

You can buy all Busy Izzy Books with the CDs at Dymocks Bookshops across Australia-wide, at Abbeys Bookshop in York (Sydney), Collins Books in Caloundra QLD, Chirnside Park Shop 519 at Chirnside Park VIC and on Book Depository and Booktopia, the online book stores, too. For more information about Busy Izzy and friends please visit our website, where you’ll find lots more information about Busy Izzy, her friends, and the author, Roxanne Kiely and her creative team which brings it all to life.

Look out too, for links to some exciting YouTube videos of songs from the Busy Izzy and Friends CD