Painting Pots and Potting Plants

Painting Pots and Potting Plants Busy Izzy is gardening in a shady area with Newly Truly, her Aussie Terrier. Around them are paints, six little pots, soil and tools and herbs in a box.

With pots to paint and herbs to plant. there is a lot to do. Izzy's friends have come by to visit and help with painting of pots and gardening too.

Tess talks while the friends paint pots

Getting ready to paint the pots in bright colours with yellow spots.

Did Tess stop talking? No she did not! She helped a little, while talking a lot.  Izzy, speaks loudly, just to be heard. Please make sure the paint is properly stirred.  

Everyone is busy preparing the planter boxes and hanging pots.


A lot of concentration is needed when potting herbs and plants. To get just the right amount of soil and the right amount of water. Everyone helped out. Then Evan, Max and Izzy put the pots up on the wall.