Busy Izzy Children Story Books

Busy Izzy Children Story Books 

Today, most parents rue the fact that their children aren’t willing to sit and read a good book or two. Most kids tend to gravitate towards playing video games and watching moving on their Pc or TV.  This is a very disturbing trend and one that we feel, has to be reversed. We bring to market a range of Children story books that help kindle the interest for reading.  Our Busy Izzy line of books is about a 12-year-old girl of that name. The book also has a number of other characters; all her friends are as adventurous and energetic as she is. 

The stories are very well-written, using rhythm and rhyme and there are many pictures in vivid colours. The books also come with a singalong CD that all children just love. It is these little things that make our products different and when you are buying children’s books online for your kids, BusyIzzy.com is the site to come to. In addition to books, we also have video clips, games and downloadable pictures that your kids can colour. This is a definite attraction point for your kids. 

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 We know exactly how Kids story books should be and we go out of the way to keep the plot of the story in the book, very interesting and racy. This holds the attention of the children and they start developing a love for reading. When you are looking for well-written, good quality kids books online, you need look no further than our website. We have a large number of repeat customers who revisit our website to buy our books for their children. 

You can buy all Busy Izzy Books with the CDs at Dymocks Bookshops across Australia-wide, at Abbeys Bookshop in York (Sydney), Collins Books in Caloundra QLD, Chirnside Park Shop 519 at Chirnside Park VIC and on Book Depository and Booktopia, the online book stores, too. For more information about Busy Izzy and friends please visit our website, where you’ll find lots more information about Busy Izzy, her friends, and the author, Roxanne Kiely and her creative team which brings it all to life.

Look out too, for links to some exciting YouTube videos of songs from the Busy Izzy and Friends CD 

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