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Interesting Busy Izzy Books 

It can be very challenging to get children to read books these days. They are more interested in watching TV and playing online games. If you too are in this quandary, the one way to get your children to read is to introduce them to Busy Izzy Books. You can find a lot of information about these on our website and will soon realize exactly how interesting these are. The images are eye-catching and the colours are vivid- the story itself is amazingly interesting and the characters in the Busy Izzy Children’s book are always up to fun and adventure. 

Creating a love for reading 

All these aspects make Busy Izzy books a very interesting read. What adds to the fun quotient and makes them more attractive to children, is the fact that they are also accompanied by a Busy Izzy Sing a long CD, that has songs which your children can sing along with. Just imagine how much fun they will have reading these books and listening to the CDs. It’s these little things that go into creating a genuine interest in reading, for your kids. 

Slowly and steadily, you will find that they are gravitating towards reading more books and that you don’t have to coerce them into sitting and reading things. This helps take their attention away from the TV and computer games too- which is a definite benefit.  You will also find our website to be very beautifully structured and you can read reviews of our books and the very popular CD. 

The books are about an adventurous 12-year old girl. There are a number of Busy Izzy Characters that are as interesting as she is and this makes the books a fun read. Both boys and girls find these books to be of interest and you will find that once your kids start reading these books they will just be encouraged to read more and more. Once you keep up this trend, it will help them relate to other reading in a better way too. 

Adding the Interest Quotient 

When you are looking for well-written, good quality kids books online, you need look no further than our site. The books are full of different situations that children of that age can relate to. On our website you will find many downloadable pictures of Busy Izzy & her friends. Once you download these for your kids, they can have hours of fun with colouring these familiar pictures. While some people prefer to shop for children’s books online, others just prefer to go to brick and mortar stores to do their book shopping. We understand this and you will find our books in physical stores too. 

You can buy all Busy Izzy Books with the CDs at Dymocks Bookshops across Australia-wide, at Abbeys Bookshop in York (Sydney), Collins Books in Caloundra QLD, Chirnside Park Shop 519 at Chirnside Park VIC and on Book Depository and Booktopia, the online book stores, too. For more information about Busy Izzy and friends please visit our website, where you’ll find lots more information about Busy Izzy, her friends, and the author, Roxanne Kiely and her creative team which brings it all to life.

Look out too, for links to some exciting YouTube videos of songs from the Busy Izzy and Friends CD 

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