Book One - Busy Izzy and Friends

Book One - Busy Izzy and Friends by Roxanne Kiely

Busy Izzy and friends is a great new story book about a 12 year old girl and her friends. It has 32 illustrated pages, with rhythm and rhyme. This picture book and CD is for 3-8 year olds who love music, fun and challenging adventures with friends.

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Busy Izzy always knew exactly what to do. Her friends will tell you this because she is clever, helpful and friendly. Izzy is a role model for all children her age, older and younger. Her generosity and old fashioned values, combined with her ability to overcome obstacles, and her passion and talent to inspire, are her endearing qualities.

Included in this rhyming story picture book is a CD with energetic and interactive songs, with which children will love to sing along, plus a narration of the story. All songs are written and produced by the author Roxanne Kiely and creative director, Stephen Kiely.

Includes nutritious, easy to make recipes too. (Recipes are VEGAN and free from: GLUTEN - NUTS - DAIRY - SUGAR)

Everyone can find themselves with Busy Izzy and friends.

“I recommend this book to anyone who wants their child to improve their understanding of words, especially given the delightful incorporation of rhythm and rhyme into the story lines.” - Andrew Kay, CEO World Literacy Foundation.

“I love Busy Izzy and Friends. It is such a fun story to read. Busy Izzy is so likeable! In fact, I think Busy Izzy and I could be friends.” - Mia, age 8.