Book 2 Busy Izzy and Newly Truly - The Big Surprise!

Busy Izzy and Newly Truly - The Big Surprise!

Busy Izzy and Newly Truly – The Big Surprise, written by Roxanne Kiely and illustrated by Jeesoo Kim, is Book 2 in the Busy Izzy and Friends series, about the adventures of Busy Izzy, a friendly and capable 12-year-old girl, and her newly-adopted puppy, "Newly Truly".

This exciting children's picture and song book is for 3-8 year olds who love pets, puppy dogs, music, fun and exciting experiences with friends.

"Busy Izzy always knew exactly what to do."

The story: Busy Izzy, becoming aware of the plight of the poor forgotten animals which pass through the SPCA . One day she decides to visit her local animal shelter, where she meets a puppy and falls in love with him immediately. Busy Izzy decides to adopt this clever little puppy and bring him home to Nix & Nax to meet all her friends.

This heart warming story will engage the hearts of children and grown ups too, as the puppy, whom Busy Izzy names 'Newly Truly', meets and becomes friends with everyone in Green Grass Grove.

There's a surprise in store for Busy Izzy, as well as all the readers of this beautiful addition to the Busy Izzy series. Far be it from us to reveal what the big surprise is, but we are sure that parents and children alike will enjoy the story as it unfolds and the surprises in store for all who read "Busy Izzy and Newly Truly - The Big Surprise!"

Included are energetic and interactive songs, with which children will love to sing along, plus a narration of the story. All songs are written and produced by the author Roxanne Kiely and Stephen Kiely, who also do the narration.

Nutrition is carried through in Book 2 and includes nutritious cupcakes and recipes for healthy puppy snacks. (Recipes are VEGAN and free from: GLUTEN - NUTS - DAIRY - SUGAR)

("SPCA"The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the world-wide organisation which, in Australia is called the "RSPCA")