We Have a Lockdown Song - "When We're Indoors"

We Have a Lockdown Song - "When We're Indoors"

Lockdown Song:
We have a new song for little ones who love to use their imagination.
Busy Izzy, Tess, Steven, Skye and Bobby are stuck indoors today so they have fun pretending to be outdoors, riding a pony, hopping like a bunny and jumping like a little doggy.
Click on this link to sing and dance along with this imagination song
Thank you to our wonderful cast and crew.
Jordana Beatty, Santino Emmi, Chelsea McEntee, Olivia McNamara and Adi Rao ...who are superb!
Cameras: Natalie Rull, Saad Khan
Crew: Bronwyn McEntee, Karen Craigie, Sarah McCoy,
Mahesh Rao
Last but not least, my talented co-writing partner, Mr Kiely, who not only played all the instruments but did the final edits and animation too.
Here are words to the song:

When We’re Indoors


When we’re indoors and not outdoors,

There’s so much we can do.

If we use our imagination,

Creating something new.

We can go on our adventures,

And make believe it’s true.

When we’re indoors and not outdoors,

It’ll be fun, fun for me and you.

Verse 1: 

Let’s pretend we’re riding on a horse.

Guiding gently on a steady course.

Hold on very tightly. Ask the horse politely,

To clippity clop, clippity clop, clop away! 

Clop, clop cloppity clop x 2 


Verse 2: 

Now let’s do the bunny rabbit hop.

Hopping, hopping, hopping on the spot.

Such a friendly bunny, thinks it’s very funny,

To hoppity hop, hoppity hop, hop away!

Hop, hop, hoppity hop x 2


Verse 3:

Let’s pretend to be a little pup.

Wag your tail while jumping, jumping up.

A happy little doggy, jumping like a froggy ,

Jumpity jump, jumpity jump, jump away!


When we’re indoors and not outdoors.

It’ll be fun, (hip hooray) fun for me and you.