We are WINNERS! for the fourth time!

We are WINNERS! for the fourth time!


ASA awards event at Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL where Stephen Kiely and I picked up our (should I mention it again?...in the inimitable words of Max Bialystock, "Flaunt it, baby, flaunt it!") fourth 1st prize, this time for "Colours, Colours, Colours". One of our exciting and fun... plus educational Busy Izzy and Friends songS.

Who came along to support us…our ever-loving family members, Bianka Demets, Elaine Franich and Andro Franich. Friends Russell Neal who, with Stafford Sanders, took out 1st prize in the Comedy section, Dennis Aubrey, who is a likely contender to take out an ASA category prize, Dane Owen, Renee Jonas and Jacques Mario Gentil, who placed high in a couple of categories, 2nd in one.

Also Angie Thornton, with whom Stephen Kiely shared a couple of Top Ten placings with songs from Angie’s album, "Some Things Get Left Behind". Angie was also in contention for the Rudy Brandsma award for songwriting excellence.

Sitting with us at Table 15 was also our marketing champion, Norman Allan Crew (you can call him "Al") who made some insightful observations on the proceedings and generally had a lovely time.


MC for the evening Simon Marnie, who coordinated the night's activities with humour and aplomb.

Brian Ward was the ASA interviewer of the winning entrants. Unfortunately, Alan Gilmour was indisposed. The interviews will no doubt be available on the ASA website at some point in the future. It was a warm and invigorating interview.

As far as songwriting heavyweights go, both Barry Gibb and Dave Faulkner were inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame with Faulkner providing a sonically head-cleaning set of two pop-punk Hoodoo Gurus songs. Keith Potger of the Seekers was also interviewed followed by him playing a couple of very well-received songs. An erudite and talented songwriter he is.

Stephen and I did a duet-at-the-piano version of the winning song for the audience and enjoyed a warm reception to our performance.

You can check out our talented Busy Izzy and Friends crew doing the version that piqued the judges interest right here:



You can also check out music videos of our other 1st prize songs, “Busy Izzy Says”, “Sometimes A Friend” and “Who, What, When, Where, How and Why” on the YouTube channel.


Finally, I'm going to put in one more plug for our upcoming show, Busy Izzy and Friends meet the Three Little Pigs The Musical, which will be playing at Castle Hill RSL October 8 at 10:30am.

You can get your tix here at this link to the Castle Hill RSL Box Office


It's going to be a cracker of a show, featuring a plethora of new tunes but incorporating the best of what we've produced to date, including the winning song in the 2022 ASA National songwriting awards, "Colours, Colours, Colours" – written by Roxanne Kiely and Stephen Kiely

 Here are the lyrics to our award winning song,  so that you can sing along!

Colours Colours Colours 

We're painting pots with yellow spots

and lots and lots and lots and lots of

Colours, colours, colours all out on display

Colours, colours, colours, we’re painting pots today

Red and green and yellow, indigo and blue

Black and orange, pink and white, brown and violet too

I can see the difference in these colours

Can you see the difference too

I can see the difference in these colours

Chasing me and you.

(words and music Roxanne Kiely & Stephen Kiely)