About Our Lyric Videos - Busy Izzy and Friends

About Our Lyric Videos - Busy Izzy and Friends

We have lyric videos for you to sing along to.  These are great for learning how to read, by following the words and listening to the songs.
Book three in the Busy Izzy and Friends series, is about, Izzy's friend, Talkative Tess.  Read how Tess learns the importance of listening, friendship, kindness and co-operation and when things go wrong unexpectedly, sometimes a friend is all you need to be.

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Excerpt from the first two pages of Busy Izzy and Talkative Tess:
"Do you have a friend who talks a lot?
Natters and chatters and doesn't stop?
Busy Izzy, has a friend like that.
She's Talkative Tess, and she loves to chat.
Tess can talk with a mouthful of toast.
In all conversations she talks the most
Tess can talk slowly, but mostly talks fast
She likes to talk first, and always talks last.

Tess can talk while whistling a tune.

Tess can talk blowing up a balloon!

she loves to dance and play and sing,

but talking is her favourite thing. 

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Talkative Tess - Lyric Video
Words and Music by Roxanne Kiely and Stephen Kiely