Talk Time About Our Favourite K9

Talk Time About Our Favourite K9

Our Favourite K9 - Newly Truly.

Do you have a pet?

Pets are wonderful and lots of fun because they bring happiness to everyone.

Newly Truly is all about Busy Izzy's adopted rescue pup and favourite K9.

Words and Music written by Stephen Kiely and Roxanne Kiely

If you CLICK HERE: you can sing-a-long to the song.

Do you know why he is called Newly Truly? can read all about it in book two,

Busy Izzy and Newly Truly - The Big Surprise! by Roxanne Kiely

Here is a puppy poem written by the author 

"A pet is not just a pet but your best friend too.
If you love your pet they will also love you.
Puppies communicate so we understand,
with a wagging tail or a lick on the hand.
A special look when they’re sad or afraid.
They’ll whimper and bark if their meal is delayed.
They have a natural understanding, if you’re sad, they can tell.
They’ll know something’s wrong by their keen sense of smell.
They make sounds when they’re happy and roll ‘round on the floor.
When you show them affection they’ll come back for more.
A scratch at the door means to go out for a play.
This is how they talk in their own special way."


Below is an excerpt from book two in the Busy Izzy and Friends series.

written by Roxanne Kiely

"When Busy Izzy learned there were animals in need of a home,
She decided to visit the SPCA, to adopt a pet all of her own.
When Izzy arrived at the SPCA, she met volunteers Talia and Ray,
They made sure all the animals felt safe and secure.
Izzy saw ducks, cows, sheep and goats.
Chickens, pigs and horses with glistening coats.
Inside, there were guinea pigs, mice, lizards and ferrets,
Puppies and kittens, bunnies and parrots.
At feeding time, one puppy just wanted to play,
When Ray asked him to sit, he didn’t obey.
Izzy cuddled the puppy and tickled his head,
And he whimpered when Izzy put him back on his bed.
This puppy was cute with an inquisitive stare.
He had a loud bark and lots of brown hair.
Izzy fell in love with this cheeky little stray,
And she turned around and said to Ray.
“May I take this puppy home please,
I will love him and look after him
and he will never have any fleas.”

I hope you enjoy singing along to our little K9 song.

All three books and songs are great gift ideas for children aged from 3 - 8yrs for Christmas and birthdays and any other special time of year.  Reading for growing little brains.

Educational too. Create and Play is the theme. #healthyrecipesforkids #booksforkids #childrensbooks #kidssongs #createandplay

Rhythm and Rhyme a feature. Book four in the series is out in 2022.

Busy Izzy and Friends are much more than wonderfully entertaining children's picture books filled with exciting adventures.  These books for children have ethical and moral values too. There is music, interactive videos, fun songs and videos about being a good friend, healthy food, vegetables and fruit songs about fruit salad.  Friendship songs, fun songs, songs about being sensible too, and one of Izzy's friends is a secret-agent, her name is Skye and we have a song for her too. Oh, and an all new stage show for kids... The stage show is interactive and full of fun for kids, parents and teachers.

Click this link to learn more about THE BUSY IZZY and FRIENDS SHOW

Modern Mo Li, is musical who loves to play the blues and Izzy's friends, Mathematic Max, Sensible Steven, Even Evan, Worried Warren, Talkative Tess and Bobby, who can be a little bit bossy, are wonderful and generous kids who love to spend time with their friends...and of course there is Izzy's, adopted little K9 stray from the SPCA, Newly Truly "Who's the lucky rescue pup at Nix & Nax, who's everybody's favourite little friend."  These children's Picture Books, songs and videos have something and everything for everyone.

The series is endorsed by the World Literacy Foundation and recently partnered with Prosper-Project Australia


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