Roxanne and Stephen LIVE with JONESY

Roxanne and Stephen LIVE with JONESY

Well, this happened yesterday.  We were interviewed by the one and only, Brendan "Jonesy" Jones, on a brand new platform called, MusicWebinars.  

The interview with Jonesy yesterday, was supposed to run for 20 minutes but we were talking and talking that we forgot about the time and the interview ran for almost 50minutes.  YAY!  Lots of fun in the sun and more to come on the MusicWebinars platform.

On Monday the 25th of October we will be chatting to Jonesy again. This time the show will be dedicated to Busy Izzy and Friends.  Songs: how we write and produce them. Books: the stories and our brand new live stage show for schools and venues. Tune in, ask questions too...we'd love to see you there.

The lockdown has been tough.  But now that things have opened up again we can re-book shows into schools, shopping centres and venues.  Kids and adults just love everything about Busy Izzy and Friends.

Jonesy, is a radio presenter and one half of WSFM’s incredibly successful breakfast radio show, Jonesy & Amanda with Amanda Keller.

Brendan started his career at the community radio station 2BCR in Bankstown.  In 1990 he got the night gig at 6KA in Karratha, Western Australia before doing mornings and afternoons at 2NM, Muswellbrook and then afternoons at i98 in Wollongong.

After living the regional radio life, Jonesy started working in the big smoke with gigs on B105 Brisbane and Triple M Brisbane & Sydney.

Brendan got the call up to host the breakfast show on the soon to be revamped WSFM and said the only way he’d do it was if he got to co-host with Amanda Keller.  Luckily Amanda said yes because they’ve now had one of the longest-running shows on Sydney commercial radio.

MusicWebinars is created by Hamish Bayston and Spike McNally. 

These fabulous and creative gentlemen will take you into the Heart & Soul of the Music Industry on a journey to discover what it takes to survive and thrive.

MusicWebinars™ delivers engaging insights about the lives of Professional Entertainers and bring them ‘personally’ into your lounge-room or office every week with unparalleled information and vision.  

Hamish and Spike reached out to us to talk about our careers, individually and together, our music school, ScoopFX Music and The Wonderful World of Busy Izzy and Friends, which we love talking about.

How we started our school and why.  The WHY behind Busy Izzy and Friends.  Our gigs over the years and touring. 

A little about the Busy Izzy and Friends rhyming picture books:

All three books and songs are great gift ideas for children aged from 3 - 8yrs for Christmas and birthdays and any other special time of year.  Reading for growing little brains.

Educational too. Create and Play is the theme. #healthyrecipesforkids #booksforkids #childrensbooks #kidssongs #createandplay

Rhythm and Rhyme a feature. Book four in the series is out in 2022.

Busy Izzy and Friends are much more than wonderfully entertaining children's picture books filled with exciting adventures.  These books for children have ethical and moral values too. There is music, interactive videos, fun songs and videos about being a good friend, healthy food, vegetables and fruit songs about fruit salad.  Friendship songs, fun songs, songs about being sensible too, and one of Izzy's friends is a secret-agent, her name is Skye and we have a song for her too. Oh, and an all new stage show for kids... The stage show is interactive and full of fun for kids, parents and teachers.

Click this link to learn more about THE BUSY IZZY and FRIENDS SHOW

Modern Mo Li, is musical who loves to play the blues and Izzy's friends, Mathematic Max, Sensible Steven, Even Evan, Worried Warren, Talkative Tess and Bobby, who can be a little bit bossy, are wonderful and generous kids who love to spend time with their friends...and of course there is Izzy's, adopted little K9 stray from the SPCA, Newly Truly "Who's the lucky rescue pup at Nix & Nax, who's everybody's favourite little friend."  These children's Picture Books, songs and videos have something and everything for everyone.

The series is endorsed by the World Literacy Foundation and recently partnered with Prosper-Project Australia


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