Introducing Secret-agent Skye

Introducing Secret-agent Skye

"To say you’re a secret agent isn’t enough.
Our gadgeteer, is trusting and tough.
Skye, worked hard to learn her agent rules,
harder to earn her agent tools.
Skye was brilliant and resilient,
Her merits speak for themselves.
With awards on the walls and more on the shelves.
Skye was top of her class all the way
A proud secret agent every day.
Private-eye’s first assignments are assessed
Skye was prepared and always at her best
Tricks of her trade hidden up her sleeve
With communication, transmit, receive."
Roxanne Kiely - Author | Busy Izzy and Friends
[10-4 - is 'message received' in Morse code]
[10-3 is 'stop transmitting']

Here’s a fun fact about Morse Code - At the time of its invention, it was the fastest long-distance form of communication.

Morse Code allows ships at sea to communicate too. They communicate by using large lights.

Morse Code uses two different signal durations called dots and dashes and is named after Samuel Morse an inventor of the telegraph.

Busy Izzy and Secret-agent Skye, is the story about Izzy's friend, Secret-agent Skye, book four in the Busy Izzy and Friends series due to be published in 2022. It's an environmental story about how Izzy, Skye and their friends save the honeybees at Nix & Nax.  Also a brand new friend will be introduced.

Did you know that there is an award-winning song all about Secret-agent Skye? You can watch the video by clicking here: to see 

"Who, What, When, Where, How and Why"

We now have a lyric video so you can sing along.  

CLICK here: Lyric Video to hear the song.

Secret-agent Skye: Who, what, when, where, how and why. 
Let’s ask our volunteer gadgeteer.
She’s a real private eye.
She learned her first secret agent rule
At the “Busy Izzy Secret Agent Training School” (BISATS)
Why is she called “Secret-agent”?
What’s in her “S.E.C.R.E.T.” briefcase?
A briefcase full of secrets, gadgets and devices.
When Skye was little she didn’t play with dolls,
teddy bears and building blocks.
Skye made her own gadgets, disguises and safety locks.
She will help Busy Izzy when needed to track and find,
search and discover… identify!

All three books and songs are great gift ideas for Christmas and birthdays.

Educational too.  Create and Play is the theme. #healthyrecipesforkids #booksforkids #childrensbooks #kidssongs

Rhythm and Rhyme a feature. Book four in the series is out in 2022.

Busy Izzy and Friends are much more than wonderfully entertaining children's picture books filled with exciting adventures.  These books for children have ethical and moral stories too. There are songs, interactive videos, fun songs and videos about being a good friend, healthy food, vegetables and fruit songs about fruit salad.  Friendship songs, fun songs, songs about being sensible too, and one of Izzy's friends is a secret-agent, her name is Skye and we have a song for her too. Oh, and an all new stage show for kids...

Modern Mo Li, is musical who loves to play the blues and Izzy's friends, Mathematic Max, Sensible Steven, Even Evan, Worried Warren, Talkative Tess and Bobby, who can be a little bit bossy, are wonderful and generous kids who love to spend time with their friends...and of course there is Izzy's, adopted little stray from the SPCA, Newly Truly "Who's the lucky rescue pup at Nix & Nax, who's everybody's favourite little friend."  These children's Picture Books, songs and videos have something and everything for everyone.


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Roxanne and Stephen LIVE with JONESY
Roxanne and Stephen LIVE with JONESY

Well, this happened yesterday.  We were interviewed by the one and only, Brendan "Jonesy" Jones, on a brand new platform called, MusicWebinars.  

The interview with Jonesy yesterday, was supposed to run for 20 minutes but we were talking and talking that we forgot about the time and the interview ran for almost 50minutes.  YAY!  Lots of fun in the sun and more to come on the MusicWebinars platform.

On Monday the 25th of October we will be chatting to Jonesy again. This time the show will be dedicated to Busy Izzy and Friends.  Songs: how we write and produce them. Books: the stories and our brand new live stage show for schools and venues. Tune in, ask questions too...we'd love to see you there.

The lockdown has been tough.  But now that things have opened up again we can re-book shows into schools, shopping centres and venues.  Kids and adults just love everything about Busy Izzy and Friends.

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Talkative Tess - Lyric Video with Animation
Talkative Tess - Lyric Video with Animation

Here at Busy Izzy and Friends we love our friends unconditionally and when things go wrong unexpectedly, sometimes a friend is all you need to be.

In book three in the series: Busy Izzy and Talkative Tess. Things did go a bit wrong when Tess was talking to her friends and not watching what she was doing.  SO a bit of paint was spilt and all over her friends.  At the time they were a bit upset with Tess, but soon got over it and realised it is important to always be a good friend.  Tess, apologised and all was well.  Busy Izzy had a quite word to Tess and said,

"Tess, things shouldn’t always be about you, and only be seen from your point of view. Listening to your friends shows that you care. They may have stories that they want to share. If we don’t listen, then we won’t learn. Talk to your friends, then give them a turn.”

Izzy was always friendly and nice, whenever she offered important advice.

You can buy your very own copy of book 3 right from here when you click on the link below:

Busy Izzy and Talkative Tess

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Busy Izzy's Free Range Chickens
Busy Izzy's Free Range Chickens

At the back of Nix & Nax, Busy Izzy has chickens, and she loves taking care of them.  As you can see they are happy and healthy and super cute too.

Love water and healthy seed are all our rescue chickens need.

Did you know that chicken manure fertiliser is wonderful for your garden as it has a balance of natural nutrients, including potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.

This Manure Compost is a fabulous source of nutrients for fruit trees, vegetable gardens and even your lawn.

You can read all about Busy Izzy's composting at Nix & Nax and meet her friend Wormee, by CLICKING HERE

A little about the Busy Izzy and Friends rhyming picture books:

All three books and songs are great gift ideas for children aged from 3 - 8yrs for Christmas and birthdays and any other special time of year.  Reading for growing little brains.

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