Excited to be invited to judge at The Battle Of The Songs Comp.

Excited to be invited to judge at The Battle Of The Songs Comp.

I am the creator of Busy Izzy and Friends and author of four picture books in this children's project.  Co-songwriter with the talented, Stephen Kiely, of all the songs in this multi-award winning initiative.  Proud to be writing songs with my trusty 'partner in rhyme' Stephen Kiely, who by the way, is a songwriting and producing genius.!  I am grateful to know him.  http://www.stephen.kiely.com/ Mr Kiely works tirelessly at the co-writing. he has played all the instruments on every track from the Busy Izzy and Friends catalogue as well as producing and editing and sometimes filming the 52 + videos.  We are lucky to know Mr Stephen Kiely.

As president of Songsalive! Australia...I would like to let you know a little about this songwriting organisation I co-founded in 1997. 

Launched in 2011, Songsalive! Australia is the embodiment of a vision for the future of Australian songwriters. We are an autonomous, not-for-profit organisation, run by volunteers, with one aim, which is to help Australian songwriters achieve the success they are seeking, whether it be creative, commercial or a combination of the two.

This organisation which other organisations, such as Songsalive! (in the USA) have grown from still remains true to the original ideals of the organisation, which are to support and promote Australian songwriters in any way it can. Given the explosion of communications which has occurred over the past decade, the opportunities for local songwriters to connect with people worldwide has grown, and continues to grow exponentially, which is allowing Songsalive! Australia members to reach out well beyond our shores.

In 1997, Roxanne Kiely co-founded Songsalive! with Gilli Moon, working closely with a dedicated group of volunteers, to develop a strategy which would encompass as many aspects of the songwriter’s career circumstance as was possible. The original group of volunteers, many of whom remain committed and loyal to the original goals of the organisation, was small, but from them, the word spread.

In the 26 years since its foundation, the organisation has expanded into other territories of the world, especially the United States of America. 

Currently, Songsalive! Australia has two projects which are of great use to songwriters:

The Workshop In The Mountains, held annually in Katoomba. Check out this page for info on the most recent workshop, held in conjunction with the Tamworth Songwriters Association.

Sydney workshops hosted by Shaun Walker and Russell Neal

Currently available online via Zoom on the first Monday of the month.

So, join us and bring along your song, finished or half-finished, live or recorded, and Songsalive! Australia members will listen to it, analyse it and give you positive and useful feedback on the quality of the song, with advice as to how it may be improved (if that's at all possible).

We run projects and workshops to help educate those who have the desire to create songs, but are searching for guidance with the craft, and live showcases for the singer/songwriter, who is looking to present songs in a friendly atmosphere, without the pressure of a long and pressured gig.

From its foundation in 1997, Songsalive! began to fulfil a need by Australian songwriters, for an organisation which would address all aspects of the songwriting art, craft and business, providing workshops and showcases, run by willing and energetic volunteers, who wanted to explore the possibilities inherent in joining forces with like-minded people. Now, in conjunction with our partners and affiliates, Songsalive! Australia is looking to provide members with opportunities beyond the parameters of most songwriting organisations. Connection with areas of the industry, such as audio and video production houses which are looking for original Australian compositions.

So...now let me tell you about this next thing I am involved in.  That is as a judge in this fantastic competition called "Battle Of The Songs" created and produced by entrepreneur, Derek Zilich.

About the event:

Discover the extraordinary talent of acoustic soloists, unplugged duos, and multi-player groups, spanning a diverse range of music styles.

Each act will shine in a 15-minute spotlight to perform two mesmerizing original songs. Can't make it in person? No worries! All performances will be multi-camera live-streamed via the Eastlakes Sports Club Facebook page, reaching a broader audience.

Be part of the excitement as our panel of expert judges awards fantastic prizes, including recording sessions, exclusive music gear, and more to the top three songs, songwriters, and performers. Winners will be announced at 9:00 PM.


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