Happy Birthday Song Let’s Celebrate

Happy Birthday Song Let’s Celebrate

"Happy Birthday Song Let’s Celebrate"
Here is the story behind this exciting brand new birthday song.
Busy Izzy and Friends – Helping Others.
Did you know that some families have to go without?
The reasons are plenty from losing work to everything in fire and drought.
These families need help, sometimes for clothing, sometimes for food.
Sometimes children miss out on birthday presents too.
Izzy and her friends love helping others
with the kind of kindness that helping others is about,
and helping out so that no one goes without.
They made a list of gifts that some children need,
gifts of surprise and gifts they read.
From all the recyclables they had collected,
they designed gifts and glued them, then connected,
such clever designs so unexpected.
They made a start making boxes with hearts,
And bits and bobs from other broken parts.
They painted these boxes going places.
Painted boxes, happy faces.
Using recycled cardboard and paper,
they made a toy chicken coop and an incubator.
Chess boards, rag dolls, toy prams and games,
artwork in cleverly put-together frames.
Story telling baskets with a title and plot.
They didn’t need much to make quite a lot.
The made coloured cardboard designer glasses,
And from recycled ribbons, made bookmarks
and decorated vases.
Cushions to sit on and hand puppets too.
Mo Li gifted guitar classes in playing the blues.
They gift wrapped all their pre-loved books.
And made hanging frames from coat-hanger hooks.
A friends assembly line at Nix & Nax.
During breaks they enjoyed Izzy’s famous snacks.
They were very busy all week long.
Can you guess what they were singing?
Their favourite birthday song.
©2021 Roxanne Kiely / Stephen Kiely
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