Coming SOON! "My Little Veggie Patch" Video

Coming SOON!  "My Little Veggie Patch" Video

Coming soon to Busy Izzy and Friends' YouTube channel:
Our new song, "My Little Veggie Patch" is a tribute to the best food in the world. Vegetables! Yum!
All of Izzy's vegetable friends have joined her and her human friends to make this delightful video celebrating the traditional backyard "veggie patch" of yesteryear, lately making a comeback, even in the city.
Load up on your favourite veggies and look out for this catchy song, coming soon!
Did you know that Busy Izzy makes healthy snacks when her friends visit her at Nix & Nax. There are healthy snacks for puppies too,  Izzy loves to make them for her rescue pup Newly Truly. He gobbles them all up.  
btw, all of the books in the Busy Izzy and Friends series feature recipes using only fresh and healthy ingredients.
Find them and recipes too at:
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Here are the that you know them all by heart before the video is uploaded.

My little veggie patch


The food in my little veggie patch

Is positively naturally healthy.

The sunlight and water make it grow, grow, grow! 

The soil is organic so i know, know, know!

The food in my little veggie patch

Is positively naturally healthy.


Let’s plant some tomatoes and plant some beans.

Plant some turnips and lots of leafy greens

Grow some pumpkin and cabbage too

Have an avocado. It’s good for you!


Apples and oranges are nice and sweet.

Onions are savoury but good to eat.

Food is good for every boy and girl.

Good food comes from all around the world.




Sweet potato, watermelon, peas and broccollini

Carrots, corn and cauliflower and zucchini.

Are good for you and good for me

Because they are nutritious....and

Very, very, very, very,

Very, very, very, very,

Very, very, very snaxalicious!!


The food in my little veggie patch is

Positively, absolutely, vegetably, infinitely,

Naturally healthy

Words and music - copyright (Roxanne Kiely and Stephen Kiely)

All rights reserved

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