Busy Izzy's Nix & Nax

Busy Izzy's Nix & Nax

Nix & Nax is the centre of Izzy's world.  It's her little store underneath Izzy's home she shares with her parents. It's a special little place they sectioned off especially for their daughter.

Inside her store, is a book-nook with a big beautiful green comfortable chair where Izzy and her friends can sit and chat, have fun, make plans and share stories. Izzy's friends often come here if they find themselves with a problem too. Izzy is always there to help. She is kind and generous and wants her friends to be happy and feel confident.

Inside, there is storeroom, full of hidden surprises, which you can find out about in her books...

"Busy Izzy and Friends"

"Busy Izzy and Newly Truly - The Big Surprise!".

"Busy Izzy and Talkative Tess"

At the back of her store, Izzy has a veggie patch where she plants healthy herbs, vegetables and fruit trees. Also, Izzy's much loved honey-bees are here too, making delicious and natural home-made honey that Izzy can add to her recipes. 

Busy Izzy enjoys making healthy 'snaxalicious' snacks for her friends when they visit. They all enjoy sitting around the BIG comfortable chair, talking about their upcoming adventures.  Lots of laughter in the air with the many great ideas and stories they share.

Inside the store there are useful and educational items, including hula hoops, books, watering cans, pinwheels, balloons, guitars, paint pots, colouring-in books and games too.  Oh and not to forget Izzy's favourite game, online chess.  

The back her her store also leads on to the gardens of her neighbours, where Izzy's friends live, making it a fun and safe place for all the children to play.

Before setting off on any adventure, Izzy will always shout back to her Mum to make sure it's okay, so that Mum can watch the store for her while she's away.

If you want to meet Izzy's friends?  Tess, Warren, Max, Steven, Skye, who's a real private eye, Mo Li, Bobby, Evan and Izzy's adopted rescue puppy, Newly Truly, pop on to her website to read all about Izzy and her friends. 


Busy Izzy, loves to be innovative and influential and always knew exactly what to do.

By Roxanne Kiely

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The amazing cast:

Busy Izzy | Talkative Tess | Bossy Bobby

Secret-agent Skye | Worried Warren | Sensible Steven

and of course Izzy's little rescue puppy Newly Truly.  Izzy adopted this little stray from her local animal shelter as there the story unfolds there is a BIG surprise in store for everyone in the audience.  Shhhhh It's a secret for now.

Stage set with herbs in a box, pots and paints, tool box, beach balls, hula-hoops, Kites, watering cans, alphabet letters, a blackboard with Izzy's healthy recipes listed, guitars on the wall and a box of free pre-loved books too.

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Friends Song
Friends Song

Friends Song

Here are the lyrics to our award winning song: "Friends Song", about the importance of friendship.

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"Sometimes a friend will know just what to say
With one kind word they make you feel okay
Sometimes a friend brings important things
Like courage smiles and flying wings
Most of all it’s wonderful to see
Sometimes a friend is all you need to be...

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Happy Birthday Song Let’s Celebrate
Happy Birthday Song Let’s Celebrate

"Happy Birthday Song Let’s Celebrate"
Here is the story behind this exciting brand new birthday song.
Busy Izzy and Friends – Helping Others.
Did you know that some families have to go without?
The reasons are plenty from losing work to everything in fire and drought.
These families need help, sometimes for clothing, sometimes for food.
Sometimes children miss out on birthday presents too.
Izzy and her friends love helping others
with the kind of kindness that helping others is about,
and helping out so that no one goes without.
They made a list of gifts that some children need,
gifts of surprise and gifts they read.

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