Busy Izzy and Talkative Tess

Busy Izzy and Talkative Tess

Do you have a friend who talks a lot?
Natters and chatters and doesn't stop?
Busy Izzy has a friend like that.
She's Talkative Tess and she loves to chat.
Tess can talk with a mouthful of toast.
In all conversations she talks the most.
Tess can slowly, but mostly talks fast.
She likes to talk first, and always talks last.
Book three in the Busy Izzy and Friends Series. Read how Tess learns the importance of listening, friendship, kindness and co-operation.
This book is filled with fun and adventure.
Here is the song called. "Sometimes A Friend" featuring Skye Clementine and of course Busy Izzy pops in to visit too.
The picture is of the stage cast with, Talkative Tess, Busy Izzy, Bossy Bobby and Secret-agent Skye. Here singing, the 'Talkative Tess' song.
Performed at Amity College.  The Kids loved the show
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ABC's with Busy Izzy and Friends
ABC's with Busy Izzy and Friends

We have a cool little song about the alphabet. The first few lines go like this.

"My 26 BFFs,
are the letters of the Alphabet. 
Letter by letter, getting alphabetter,
with my 26 BFFs"
Here is the link to our YOUTUBE channel, where you will find this song and lots of others. We have cooking videos, where Izzy is making snaxalicious snacks for her friends when they visit Nix & Nax and an exercise song too.

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Welcome To My YouTube Channel, says Busy Izzy
Welcome To My YouTube Channel, says Busy Izzy

Welcome to the world of Busy Izzy and Friends, where you'll find fun and exciting videos, songs to sing, healthy recipes to learn and try. As well, you'll find real-time narration of the books from the series available at busyizzy.com and from online retailers. Who is Busy Izzy? Busy Izzy is a 12 year old girl who lives in Green Grass Grove with her puppy, Newly Truly, and all of her friends live nearby.

Busy Izzy...

  • Is ALWAYS HAPPY to help her friends.
  • Is FRIENDLY, helpful and very TRENDY.

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ABC Alphabet Song - over 12K views in days.
ABC Alphabet Song - over 12K views in days.

ABC Alphabet Song

It's very exciting to see our little song get over 12 thousand views on YOUTUBE in a matter of days.  

The song is a fun and energetic one about the importance of the alphabet.  

"My 26 BFFs, are the letters of the alphabet.

Letter by letter, getting alphabetter with my 26 BFFs."

The Busy Izzy and Friends series is all about 'helping others', friendship, showing respect, kindness, mindfulness and learning through play.  Also includes healthy recipes and lots of other fun activities. All the stories are written in rhythmic rhyme.  

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