Busy Izzy and her Friends visit Amity College

Busy Izzy and her friends had such a good time visiting Amity College and hope to be back to catch up with their new friends again, soon!

Amity Primary School Principal, Mrs Nazan Polat, said the Busy Izzy and Friends show was "...one the best incursion into Amity College, ever!".

"Dear Roxanne and Stephen, thank you for the wonderful incursion earlier this week. Our students and teachers loved it!  It was highly engaging and interactive and many meaningful messages were given in the story line. Thank You again." 

The children and teachers all joined in singing with Izzy and her friends, about healthy food and vegetables and a special song about Newly Truly. There was a song about Secret-agent Skye, called "Who, What, When, Where, How and Why?" and Talkative Tess and Bossy Bobby had a song about them too. 
There was singing, dancing and lots of fun had by over 300 children and Izzy and friends too.

You see the fun photos and videos: https://busyizzy.com/blogs/schools-visits

- Roxanne Kiely

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ABC Alphabet Song - over 12K views in days.
ABC Alphabet Song - over 12K views in days.

ABC Alphabet Song

It's very exciting to see our little song get over 12 thousand views on YOUTUBE in a matter of days.  

The song is a fun and energetic one about the importance of the alphabet.  

"My 26 BFFs, are the letters of the alphabet.

Letter by letter, getting alphabetter with my 26 BFFs."

The Busy Izzy and Friends series is all about 'helping others', friendship, showing respect, kindness, mindfulness and learning through play.  Also includes healthy recipes and lots of other fun activities. All the stories are written in rhythmic rhyme.  

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My Visit with The Super Talented Susanne Gervay
My Visit with The Super Talented Susanne Gervay

My Visit With The Super Talented Susanne Gervay
I love spending time with creative and interesting peeps.
Today was an extra special day when I visited with the super talented, Susanne Gervay, author of the amazing “I Am Jack” series and some.
The time went by very fast. It wasn't at all surprising to find out that we have a lot in common. 
We both started our creative writing when we were very, very young.  I say, once a creative being, always a creative being.

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We Are Featured in The Good Organic Gardening Magazine
We Are Featured in The Good Organic Gardening Magazine


Another pair of creative partners are songwriters and music teachers Roxanne Kiely and Stephen Kiely, the brains behind Busy Izzy and Friends, an ever-expanding multimedia empire of lively books, catchy songs, interactive videos and even a vibrant stage show for extra colour and movement.

They recently partnered with Prosper (Project Australia) to support the health and well-being of Australian children through performances, nutrition and cooking showcases, literacy and learning activities and other special events.

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