Busy Izzy and Friends - Strong Safe Fabulous - Safer Children

Busy Izzy and Friends - Strong Safe Fabulous - Safer Children


Busy Izzy and Friends are proud to be part of this amazing initiative. Thank you to Karen Craigie from Prosper Project Australia for inviting us to help create these wonderful programs. The songs are cool.  Like: 

  • "Your Body Is The Boss"
  • "You Can't Take It Back"
  • "Reach Out To Me"
  • "Helping Hand"
  • "Strong Safe and Fabulous"

This program was funded by Westpac’s Safer Children, Safer Communities initiative and is suitable for children aged 0 - 6 years. The program was created for use in early childhood education and care centres.

There are five program modules that promote themes of protective behaviours and resilience. There is also an introductory video and a StrongSafeFabulous song to enjoy. Each of the modules includes a short video and an accompanying activity.

Early childhood educators can play the videos to the children at their centre, and then use the activity sheets as a conversation-starter to discuss the ideas in the video with the children and help to consolidate key learnings.

It is recommended that educators introduce one module at a time over a period of weeks and check in with children regularly to ensure they remain connected to the important personal safety and support messages in the program.

All the songs are written by Roxanne Kiely and Stephen Kiely and the Busy Izzy and Friends cast played parts in every video.  

Module 1

The importance of kindness and inclusion

This module focusses on being aware that what we say and do can hurt others.

Module 2

Safety and how it feels

This module explores using our senses to help identify what makes us feel safe and unsafe.

Module 3

Safety signals

This module looks at the warning signs our body gives us when we feel unsafe.

Module 4

Helping hand

This module provides a helping hand for children to identify 5 trusted adults who can help us.

Module 5

Asking for help

This module explores using our helping hand to seek help from a trusted adult if we have a problem.

Module 6

Strong Safe Fabulous

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