Busy Izzy and Friends - Creating Holistic and Enriching Experiences for Children

Busy Izzy and Friends -  Creating Holistic and Enriching Experiences for Children

Roxanne Kiely and Stephen Kiely are indeed the creative minds behind the "Busy Izzy and Friends" series.

This children's brand features a range of characters led by Busy Izzy (who always knew exactly what to do), and her friends, each with their own distinctive traits and personalities. Roxanne has written numerous books within this series, aiming to engage and educate children through storytelling which features rhythm and rhyme.

The "Busy Izzy and Friends" series is not only about entertainment but also about imparting valuable life lessons to young readers. Themes such as friendship, kindness, teamwork, and environmental awareness are woven into the narratives. Roxanne and Stephen's vision for the series is to inspire children to be active, compassionate, and socially responsible individuals.

In addition to the picture books, Roxanne and Stephen have also developed music and educational content as part of the "Busy Izzy and Friends" brand. There are over 50 educational videos, written and produced by the dynamic duo, Roxanne and Stephen.

Through a combination of storytelling, music, and interactive elements, Roxanne and Stephen aim to create a holistic and enriching experiences for children everywhere.

The stage musical, produced by partners, promotes friendship, personal safety and resilience with a strong focus on "Stranger Danger Awareness" and features healthy lifestyle habits and positive social skills.  All in a jam packed fun filled musical.

Next showing at North Sydney Leagues Club April 21st at 10.30am

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Overall, Roxanne Kiely's and Stephen Kiely's work with "Busy Izzy and Friends" reflects their dedication to providing positive and educational content for children, fostering their creativity, empathy, and love for learning.